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What Is a Pusher in Tennis?

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What Is a Pusher in Tennis?

A pusher in tennis is a player who focuses on consistent and defensive play, using accurate ball placement and tactical moves to unbalance the opponent, rather than showcasing raw power or aggressive shots. They excel in prolonging rallies, often frustrating their opponents by returning almost every ball and forcing errors.

Defining a Pusher in Tennis

A pusher is a tennis player who prioritizes consistency and defensive play rather than power and aggression. In a game dominated by powerful serves and heavy groundstrokes, pushers rely on accuracy, finesse, and strategic moves to outsmart their opponents.

Characteristics of Pushers


Pushers pride themselves on their ability to keep the ball in play, often sending ball after ball back over the net and seemingly displaying an infinite patience. This consistency helps them unbalance their opponents, forcing them to hit difficult shots or make unforced errors.

Defensive Tactics

Rather than aiming for outright winners, pushers focus on giving their opponents little room to work with. They target awkward corners or vary the spin and pace of their shots to make it difficult for the opponent to gain control of the point.

Court Positioning and Anticipation

Pushers often display excellent anticipation and superior court positioning, allowing them to read the game effectively and chase down even the hardest-hit shots. Consequently, this skill enhances their defensive capabilities and makes it challenging for opponents to hit winners or construct elaborate points.

Dealing with Pushers

Varying Shot Selection

To counteract a pusher’s defensive tactics, adjust your shot selection and mix in different shots to keep the pusher off balance. Incorporate slices, heavy topspin, drop shots, and flat groundstrokes to exploit any weaknesses in their defensive game.

Patience and Fitness

Dealing with a pusher requires patience and physical endurance. Prepare for long rallies and ensure that your fitness level is up to par. This will enable you to keep up with the pusher and help you outlast them in grueling, drawn-out points.

Using the Tennis Racket Effectively

Customize your tennis racket and string setup to maximize your shot-making capabilities. Use a racket that offers an optimal balance of control, power, and accuracy, and choose strings that suit your playing style.

Becoming a Well-Rounded Tennis Player

Though pushers possess unique skills and can be frustrating to play against, it is essential to develop an all-around game to succeed in tennis. By taking elements from a pusher’s playbook, while also incorporating powerful serves, aggressive groundstrokes, and a strong net game, you can become a more versatile and formidable opponent on the court.

Understanding the Pusher’s Mindset

A crucial aspect of playing against a pusher is understanding their mindset. Pushers feed off their opponents’ frustration and impatience. By staying calm and maintaining a positive attitude during the match, you will be better equipped to handle the unique challenges presented by a pusher. Demonstrating mental fortitude and composure will give you an edge on the court.

Developing Tennis Tips for Specific Situations

Every pusher’s style and tactics may vary, so tailor your strategy based on your observations of their play. Tennis tips for playing against pushers can be helpful, but be prepared to adjust your game plan as needed. For instance, some pushers may be more comfortable playing against heavy topspin while others may struggle with flat shots. Use this to your advantage and exploit any weaknesses you notice during the match.

Serving Strategy Against Pushers

Serving effectively against pushers can be an essential component for success. By placing your serves accurately and varying pace, you can create more opportunities to dictate the points or force the pusher into making errors. Employ a mix of flat, slice, and kick serves to keep the pusher guessing and prevent them from establishing a rhythm.

Attack the Net

While being aggressive at the net can be a risky strategy, it can pay off against pushers. By closing the net and cutting off their angles, you force them to make difficult shots, such as lobs or passing shots. Ensure to volley deep and apply constant pressure to keep the pusher on the back foot.

Practice Makes Perfect

Finally, the more you practice against pushers and implement the tennis tips mentioned here, the better prepared you will be to face them in a competitive match. Find a hitting partner who can emulate a pusher’s game style or practice against a robot, allowing you to develop essential skills and strategies for playing against pushers.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Pushers in Tennis

The following is a list of common questions and answers related to pushing and playing against pushers in tennis. This FAQ section is tailored to address any concerns or queries you may have after reading this blog post.

What makes pushers frustrating to play against?

Pushers can be frustrating to face due to their exceptional defensive skills, relentless ball return consistency, and ability to prolong rallies. They often force their opponents to make unforced errors, creating a sense of impatience and irritation.

Are pushers considered to have a weak game?

No, pushers possess a unique set of strengths that can cause problems for opponents. Their emphasis on consistency, court coverage, and tactical play can lead to victories against more aggressive players who struggle to adapt to their defensive playstyle.

Can pushers still be successful at the professional level?

While pushers may have fewer opportunities for success at the professional level due to the high caliber of aggressive game styles, some pros have utilized elements of pushing in their gameplay, combining it with other strategies to achieve impressive results.

How can I improve my serve and volley against pushers?

To improve your serve and volley game against pushers, focus on accurate and varied serve placements, followed by quick net approaches and deep volleys. Exploit any potential weaknesses in the pusher’s ability to respond to offensive plays.

How should I practice anticipating pusher tactics?

Practice against a hitting partner who can imitate pusher gameplay or use a robot or ball machine to simulate their style. The more you practice against pusher tactics, the better prepared you will be to face them in a competitive setting.

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